From An Idea To Collaboration

Before the magazine came to be, it all started with an idea, an idea to get together with three talented friends and make something great. Ashton had the simple desire to get this group of ladies with all of their unique gifts—a hand-letterer, a chef, and a pastry chef—together to talk about what could be. After a wonderful get-together and several laughs at a local coffee shop, it was decided. 

A food magazine would come to be!

But of course, this wasn't an easy task to create a magazine from start to finish. In the summer of 2015, the planning began. Autumn and Ashton discussed styling, while Kendra and Caja created numerous different food masterpieces to decide what would be chosen for the magazine. The photoshoot was scheduled, materials were packed, and the food was cooked. Together, the team collaborated together to make some beautiful imagery, and then later designed it into what would be the very first issue of Bevö Magazine.

To our excitement, the Fall Issue was released September 2015, and the rest is history! We're so excited to continue to produce a Spring Issue coming March of 2016, and are so grateful for all of the support we've received. Cheers!

New Spring Issue

The Spring Issue consists of four, fresh recipes that include: Fruit Crostini, Spring Salad with Beef, Pomegranate Spritzer, and Deep-Dish Oatmeal Bars. In addition, the issue also includes a featured interview with Chef Tyler of Terra Nomad and a complete grocery list for easy shopping. Enjoy!

Free Digital Fall Issue

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